Our Vision

Cation’s business is looking to capitalise on an opportunity in a growing $45B global market. Today, businesses are continuing to pursue new and innovative technology products in order to secure their competitive advantage. The speed at which new technologies are being adopted has made the management of technology services and products complex and often expensive. The industry’s response to address the problem has seen the Technology Business Management (ITBM) market space recently emerge. As a result a current trend of IT transformation programs are initiating across organisations to demonstrate IT is providing business benefit and value to its customers. This response does not have a valid technology solution and the outcome is often highly disruptive, expensive and ineffective.


Cation is solving the industry challenge to simplify and digitize the IT Business by enabling people, process and technology to be delivered better, faster and cheaper. We believe to date, no single product has successfully solved this problem, however Cation’s founders with their distinct skills and industry experience have developed a unique solution that makes IT Business performance visible across all levels of an organisation that will improve productivity and guide investment decisions.

The founding partners and contributors, each equity shareholders, are committed to the future growth of the business and commercialisation of the technology. Cation combines the extensive industry knowledge of founding CEO Scott McPhee, and technical experience of CTO Robert Tanner, to deliver a unique service offering to clients.

We are ready to make performance visible, are you ?